The Calgary Marathon

Hall of Fame.

In our commitment to the promotion and celebration of road running in Calgary, Run Calgary created the Calgary Marathon Society Hall of Fame.

As the stewards of Canada's oldest marathon we are committed to acknowledging individuals and organizations who have contributed to the growth and development of road racing in Calgary and Canada.

Calgary Marathon Society Hall of Fame Members:


Shamel Elsayed


Honouring a Decade Long Charity Participant

This is Shamel's tenth year participating in the Calgary Marathon race weekend and raising funds for Spinal Cord Injury Alberta through the Charity Challenge. In that time, Shamel has raised over $200,000 for SCIA, a commitment he made after receiving critical support from the organization 30+ years ago when a life altering injury left him in a wheelchair. We can't wait to see Shamel and his team in 2022!

Sharon and Tom Higgins


The Jim Clampett Volunteer of the Year Award

Beginning in 2017, Sharon and Tom have helped with many different Run Calgary events. Additionally, when the pandemic hit, Run Calgary shifted to virtual events with Sharon and Tom volunteering thousands of hours to pack and ship countless race packages. The Run Calgary Volunteer Program has benefited immeasurably from their leadership, commitment, and willingness to tackle big tasks.


Elaine Kupser


For 30 Years of Positive Impact

Elaine has been delivering Calgary health and wellness content to this community for 30 years through Impact Magazine. As publisher, she has elevated the wellbeing of Canadians. We eat better, discover new ways to sweat and champion Canadian athletes because Impact keeps us informed.

Trevor Hofbauer


For Inspiring a Generation

Trevor represented Canada in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the Mens Marathon. On his way, he dazzled the Canadian running scene with his humble approach, coaching himself and breaking records along the way. He inspires all levels of runners to believe in themselves and chase their dreams.

Dan Ouimet


For Outstanding Contribution to Run Calgary

Dan Ouimet sat on the Board of Directors for 9 years, six as President and Chair. Under his leadership, the organization went from 5000 to 15,000 participants and expanded its elite program, race series and even hosted a National Championships.

Doug Bassett

(2021 posthumous)

The Jim Clampett Volunteer of the Year Award

Doug was an exemplary volunteer, never balking at the early call times or nippy late season conditions. Doug was our volunteer sound technician and he elevated Run Calgary race experiences during his 4 years volunteering with the organization.

Liane Blandford


The Jim Clampett Volunteer of the Year Award

Liane manages 350/1500 race weekend volunteers who are responsible for participants bibs, race transfer, late reg and t-shirts. And she does it all without breaking a sweat.

Gerry Miller


For Outstanding Contribution to the Calgary Running Community

Dr. Gerry is a Calgary Marathon legend, becoming an octogenarian 6-star World Marathon Major finisher in 2021. Dr. Gerry has led hundreds of runners through the finish over the years as a pacer.

Dr Andrew Wade


The Jim Clampett Volunteer of the Year Award

For elevating the medical protocols at the Calgary Marathon through his dedication to sport medicine and the organization.

Kim Anderson


The Jim Clampett Volunteer of the Year Award

For her tireless dedication to check your bag AND get it back to you - has been leading the Huntington Society's Bag Check for the last 7 years.

Dave and Linda Foo


The Jim Clampett Volunteer of the Year Award

For a decade of service to the organizing committee as the sign coordinators. The job where you don't even get to see the race.

Rob Reid


For Outstanding Contribution to the Calgary Running Community

A four-time champion of the Calgary Marathon ('80 '81 '82 and '86) Rob relocated from Calgary to Victoria in 1987, and opened an independent running store. Rob is the chair of the Terry Fox Centre and supports the Victoria Marathon as the store sponsor.

Helly Visser


For Outstanding Contribution to the Calgary Running Community

At 85+ Helly is a remarkable runner (and not just for her age). She holds half a dozen Masters World Records and is often recognized out running in and around Calgary or on the track.

Barrie Griffiths


The Jim Clampett Volunteer of the Year Award

For more than a decade Barrie volunteered on both the committee (Aid Station Captain) and the board (Treasurer). He is often the first to put his hand up to volunteer on race day in a variety of roles at many Run Calgary races.

Ed Bickley


Retired Bib #501

We retired Ed's bib #501 and inducted him in to the Hall of Fame in our 50th Anniversary celebrations for his many years of participation in the Calgary Marathon races.

Jim Clampett


For Outstanding Contribution to the Calgary Running Community, Posthumous

Jim's tireless dedication to amateur athletes in their pursuit of excellence found him on both the board and committee for many years. We celebrated 50 years of the Calgary Marathon with Jim the night before he passed suddenly on the ski hill doing what he loved.

Lorna Hawley


For Outstanding Contribution to the Calgary Running Community

Lorna Hawley did a lot to promote competitive running for women, winning the race from 1981 - 1985.

Patricia Webster


The Jim Clampett Volunteer of the Year Award

20 Years of Service to The Calgary Marathon Society as the medical coordinator. When Pat "retired" and moved to Kelowna, we replaced her with 3 people.

Angus Cowan


For Outstanding Contribution to the Calgary Running Community

Going in to its 18th year in 2019, Amble with Angus, an idea sparked over coffee, has fundraised over $400,000 for the Calgary Food Bank.

Dr. Peter Neiman


For Exceptional Efforts Promoting Running in the Calgary Community

Dr. Nieman has been promoting healthy, active living by being a living example to his patients and community for decades. His run streak began in December 16, 2009 and continues into 2022!

Carmen Robinson


First Female Marathon Winner: 1975, Posthumous

Carmen Robinson of Banff was the first recorded female finisher in 1975 with a time of 3:50:12.

Tamara & Rob Stichbury


Volunteers of the Year Award

The Stichburys are the heart, brain and soul of the Calgary Marathon. Few runners may know their name or recognize their faces as this humble couple have served behind the scenes for over 20 years. Working with 5 race directors over 4 venue changes, their tireless commitment has allowed the race to evolve and provided necessary continuity. Please never retire.

The Calgary Roadrunners

Founding Club of the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon

The Calgary Marathon was birthed and supported in its infancy by the board of the Calgary Roadrunners. Eventually it required its own board but the connection to its founding club have remained strong.

Bill Wyllie

First Race Director in 1963

Bill started running in the 1960s and ran until just a few months before he died in 2016. He was well-known in the Calgary running community and organized many races, including as first ever race director in '63. He coached UCalgary's cross-country team and raced competitively from the mile to ultra- marathons, including over 70 marathons.

Martin Parnell

Author, Speaker and Guinness World Record Holder

Martin started his "Quests for Kids" initiative completing 10 "Quests" and raising $1.3m for Right To Play. His quests included running 250 marathons in one year, setting five Guinness World Records and summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in 21 hours, resulting in 27,000 children being given the gift of hope.

Dr. Benno M. Nigg

Researcher, University of Calgary

Dr. Nigg's research on biomechanics, knee injury and prevention furthered sport medicine contributing to the knowledge that keeps runners running longer. All hail Dr. Nigg.

Marcel LaMontagne

Course Measurer

For many years and iterations of the Calgary Marathon route, Marcel ensured the course was exact. Waiting until the snow melted, he went out with a police escort and over the years using different technologies, measured and submitted the routes for sanctioning and certification. Marcel also organized the lead cyclists until stepping down in 2016.

Doug Kyle

Founder of the Calgary Marathon

Doug Kyle represented Canada in the 1954 British Empire Games, the 1956 and 1960 Olympic Games, and the 1959 and 1963 Pan American Games. At the 1959 Pan Am Games, he won a silver in the 10,000m and a bronze in the 5000m races. Doug won 14 Canadian Open Championships and held Canadian Open records in 11 different distances. 

Margaret Carleton-Glover

Race Director Alumni

Carlton-Glover was the event's first ever female race director in the 1980's and is largely credited for taking Calgary Marathon to the next level during the running boom.