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So you reached the finish line, it's time to celebrate! Check out the information below for details on prizing, age category awards and official race photography!

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Age Group and overall

Awards & Prizing.

This is what you can expect in 2024! Please note, awards listed may be subject to change.

Prize money and prize packages are up for grabs for top athlete performances in Servus Calgary Marathon distances 5km - 60km. For each distance, prizes will be awarded to the top 3 men, women and non-binary athletes who meet our elite qualifying standards.



Age category awards are based on CHIP time.

Top athletes (those who finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd overall in each race distance) are ineligible for age category awards. Members of our Pace Team are also ineligible for age category awards.

The Servus Calgary Marathon proudly presents age category awards to those placing in the top 3 in their age category. We provide these awards free of charge if picked up in-person, or $15 if mailed. Check the final results to verify your time: search for your name or bib #, select the hyperlinked division (Ex. "F2029" means female division, age category 20-29). From this results page, you can also download your complimentary placement certificate that has been added.

To request your Age Category Award, please complete the form linked below anytime between May 31, 2024 - June 20, 2024.

Please note: Results can change because of adjustments that are made due to errors with personal information during registration.

The 2024 Age Category Award Request Form is now closed, as of 11:59pm MT on June 20, 2024.

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Race Photography.

Marathon Photos Live captured you on race day! Purchase your race day pictures. Photos will be available approximately 48 hours after the event.

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The Calgary Marathon Weekend

Race Weekend Information.