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Rules & Regulations

The following is a list of the most important rules and regulations surrounding the Calgary Marathon events.

Please check out the race  FAQ  for more questions and answers.

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Registration Policies

All registration fees are non-refundable, non-deferrable, and cannot be transferred between races.

  • Entry fees are non-refundable under all circumstances. That means that once we receive and accept your entry, you will not receive a refund for any reason and you will not be able to defer your entry to another year. The Calgary Marathon is organized by Run Calgary, a non-profit organization, and this event has been a tradition for 57 years. Remaining viable during a pandemic has proved to be challenging for many organizations and the endurance industry is no exception. Race organizations have been adversely affected because of government restrictions on gatherings. In 2020, we allowed participants to defer to a future year. However for 2021 and beyond, participants will automatically be moved to the virtual event for any event that is cancelled for any reason.
  • In the event of a cancellation of our event on September 19, 2021, we will also provide all participants registered for in-person a $20 credit to a future Run Calgary race. 
  • It is your responsibility to pick up your bib and race kit in advance of the event. Package Pick-Up hours and locations will be published well in advance of race day. There is no package pick up on race morning. 
  • If you register for virtual and want to transfer to the in-person race, you can do so by accessing your Race Roster dashboard. If there is capacity in that event, you will be able to transfer for a $10 transfer fee, plus the difference between the virtual price and the cost of the in-person registration.

2020 Deferral Policies

  • Registrants who deferred in 2020 to a future year will receive their deferral code on April 12th. Those who wish to use their deferral in 2021 will have 3 days advance ability to register. Your code will still work if you choose to register closer to the event date, but please note there are capacity limits for each distance because of our anticipated covid-protocols. Limits are subject to change. 
  • Once you register using your 2020 deferral code, you agree to the terms of the 2021 registration and the race cancelation plan (i.e. should the race move to virtual, you become a virtual participant and receive a $20 credit to a future Run Calgary race; no additional deferral will be offered). 
  • If you deferred in 2020 and you were registered in three or more additional 2020 events, your race counted towards your 2020 Race Series swag. As a sign of good faith to our awesome Run Calgary participants, your 2021 registration with a deferral code will count towards earning sweet swag through the new MoveMore program in 2021.
  • You can use your deferral code for any distance (The Roundup is excluded unless you have a Roundup deferral) for either the in-person or virtual event. This code will be good for 2021, 2022 or 2023 and can be used only once.

Projected Event Capacity:

The in-person capacity for each event will be: 

  • 50 km Ultra Marathon - 100 
  • Scotiabank Marathon – 900 
  • Centaur Subaru 21.1 km – 1,700 
  • Jugo Juice 10 km – 1,500 
  • GoodLife Fitness 5K  – 1,500 
  • Scotiabank Kids Marathon –  200

If the uncertainty around COVID-19 is to subside early enough in 2021 there is the possibility of opening up additional in-person spots in each event. This could happen as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine or other immunity actions and measures.

The virtual option for each race will also be available starting on April 19, 2021 and these registration numbers are unlimited as they do not impact the in-person event capacity. 

2021 In-Person Race Info

When you register, you will have the option to purchase an insurance policy from Reg Shield for a small fee. This policy will cover you and allow you to cancel your registration if you are unable to make it to the race due to illness and various other reasons. Like all insurance policies there are exclusions so please read the fine print. The insurance does not cover your entry fee if we are forced to cancel the event because of the pandemic or other extenuating circumstances.

In the case of in-person race cancellation, all 2021 in-person participants registered in the Calgary Marathon Race Weekend, 50 km Ultra, Scotiabank Marathon, Centaur Subaru 21.1 km, Jugo Juice 10 km, GoodLife Fitness 5 km and Scotiabank Kids Marathon will automatically be transferred to the virtual event and receive a $20 credit for any future Run Calgary event (excluding the Calgary Marathon) that must be used by the end of the 2023 calendar year. 

COVID-19 restrictions for cross border travel are easing and anyone travelling from out of country will be required to follow the current government guidelines. 

In-Person Events That Move Forward in 2021

For in-person events that can proceed this year, please expect a covid-19 safety plan to be in place. You can learn what to expect in the form of covid-19 safety adaptations here in the FAQs. Please note that plans are subject to changes and updates according to local conditions and regulations. We will confirm and communicate the details of the plan approximately two weeks prior to the event.

If you are unable to attend a given event due to travel restrictions, or if you’re not comfortable due to health and safety issues, you may transfer your registration to the virtual component of that specific event by contacting info@calgarymarathon.com.

In-Person Events That Do Not Move Forward in 2021

If an event cannot move forward as an in-person event, your registration will be switched to the virtual option for that event and you will get $20 credit to a future Run Calgary event (excluding the Calgary Marathon) that must be used by the end of 2023. 

Age Restrictions

  • Scotiabank Marathon: You must be 16 years of age or older on race day to be eligible to participate.
  • Centaur Subaru 21.1K: You must be 14 years of age or older on race day to be eligible to participate.
  • 50K Ultra Marathon: You must be 18 years of age or older on race day to be eligible to participate.

Parents/guardians are urged to ensure that young runners have the training and pace judgment needed to complete the event comfortably and safely. Calgary Marathon Directors and staff reserve the right to require proof of age.

Please contact the office at info@calgarymarathon.com if you are underage and have permission from your parents to participate.

Course Safety / Road Closure

The Calgary Marathon is a foot race. For safety and liability reasons courses are limited to registered runners only. Inline skates, bicycles, skateboards, and running with dogs is strictly prohibited. Non-compliance with these safety rules will result in disqualification. Traffic will be controlled by the police and course marshals, but runners should take extreme caution at all times.

Course Closure, Walk or Run

Walkers are invited to participate in all events with precautions for the marathon distance. Marathon walkers are asked to start at 7:00 am with marathon runners. Please seed yourself accordingly.

The course will be open for 6 1/2 hours where all walkers must be finished thereafter. After 1:30pm, some roads will have to be re-opened and walkers will be moved up to the sidewalks.

Headphones and Music Players

The race directors discourage the use of these devices for the runner's safety and the safety of those around them. There is no risk of disqualification for simple use, however, if a runner puts themselves or other runners at risk through an unsafe act that the Board of Directors determine was caused directly or indirectly through the use of a prohibited item, the race directors reserve the right to disqualify the runner.

Handcycles Rules and Regulations

Please note: The Calgary Marathon is not a bike course and safety of all participants is paramount. With rolling road closures and tight corners, handcyclists will only be permitted to participate recreationally in the 5K and 10K distances.

Athletes using a push rim wheelchair will be allowed to race competitively in all distances. Racing wheelchair results have their own category. Absolutely no handcycles will be allowed in the race (competitive) category for any distance.

Participation is at sole discretion of the Calgary Marathon and omission of any steps will result in disqualification and removal of bib.

If you are participating in any event using a mobility device of any kind:

  • Register as a participant who will be using a wheelchair (it’s a mandatory question when you register) by May 1st at calgarymarathon.com
  • You will be contacted by CMS staff to confirm your mobility device and to review rules for participation no later then May 5th
  • When you pick up your package, your bib will have a special sticker on it
  • Be at the start line 30 mins before your race distance starts to check all
    equipment and listen to any last minute instructions. Please note:
    anyone missing briefing will not be allowed to start the race.
  • Participants in racing wheelchairs will have a 1 min silent start before
    the runners.
  • All recreational handcycles will start in the last corral.

Some things to remember:

  • Anyone trying to enter chutes using a handcycle without the appropriate approvals will be removed from the course.
  • Participants are not allowed to pass any emergency vehicle doing so will result in an immediate disqualification and no longer allowed to participate in future events
  • Participants will stay as safely to the far right of the road as possible to allow others to pass
  • Participants will obey and listen to all directions given on course by lead bikes
  • Roads are closed on a rolling time schedule as such all intersections must be approached with caution and you may be required to stop


  • Wheelchair – Traditional push rim wheelchair with 2 wheels identical in size (rear) and two smaller wheels (front casters)
  • Racing Wheelchair – Has two large wheels (rear) and one small wheel (front).
  • Handcycles – A three-wheeled cycle propelled by the arms rather than the legs


Strollers are only permitted on the 5KM Family Run or Walk route. Strollers are prohibited on all other courses and must start in the last corral.

Course Availability

All race courses are limited to registered event participants only.

Whistleblower Policy

Run Calgary and the Calgary Marathon Society are committed to open, accountable, ethical and transparent governance which encourages a culture of integrity and social responsibility. An important aspect of accountability and transparency is a mechanism to enable all individuals to voice concerns in a responsible and effective manner should they discover information which they believe shows serious malpractice. In order to meet current standards, the Run Calgary Board of Directors has developed this Whistleblower Policy.

This policy is intended to provide an environment in which individuals interacting with Run Calgary and the Calgary Marathon Society, including but not limited to employees, volunteers, participants and contractors, are encouraged to raise serious concerns without risk of discrimination or adverse employment actions. Run Calgary ensures confidentiality and anonymity for the person reporting a concern, unless it is incompatible with a fair investigation or required by law.

It is the responsibility of every individual who is aware of or suspects a violation of the Run Calgary’s codes of conduct or matters of concern/wrongdoing to report the incident as soon as possible using the reporting standards in this Whistleblower Policy (opens full policy in new tab).

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