Sunday, September 19th 2021 - 7:30 AM

For newcomers to ultra-running, the 50KM Ultra, part of the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Race Weekend, is a great way to get in to longer distances and for ultra veterans, it’s a wonderful way to be part of a big city, mass participation event!

What's an extra 7.805KM ... really?

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No other race in Canada allows you to graduate from the marathon to a longer distance. Enter the 50KM Ultra, where participants have a shot at winning Alberta beer, beef and (cowboy) boots if you can cinch the top spots. This is an IAU Bronze label event and ACU national championship since 2014 meaning you can also use this event to punch your ticket for world 50KM championships.

Start your race with the marathon but when the marathoners head home you keep going to run what is arguably one of the most scenic parts of the route, on the pathways of Bowness surrounded by nature.

Event Details

Course Map

Date: Sept 19, 2021
Time: 7:30am
Start Line: Stampede Park
Finish Line: The Grandstand
Course Time Limit: 2:00pm
Age: 16+

Aid Stations - Self Serve
(poured cups will be out on tables, help yourself to your preferred hydration)
Water and Lemon Lime Nuun

*The 2021 route is subject to change and requires approval by The City of Calgary.

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