Sunday, May 31st 2020 – 12:00 PM

This is a celebration of family, community and healthy active living. Everyone is welcome and strollers, wheelchairs and kids are encouraged (two-legged members of your family as only service dogs are allowed). It’s a 5KM party that can be walked, skipped, jogged or run and regardless of how you arrive, there will be a medal with your name on it.

No one ever regrets doing a 5KM…

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Active families are happy families so make The GoodLife Fitness Family 5KM Run and Walk a family tradition! Join 3000 of your neighbours and celebrate spring in a race that is focused on charitable giving and getting moving.

Participate in the GoodLife Fitness 5KM at noon AFTER completing either the 10KM at 7:30am or the 21.1KM, Marathon or 50KM at 7am to be part of “The Roundup Challenge” earning two medals that fit together to make one SUPER medal!

Event Details

Date: May 31, 2020
Time: 12:00pm
Start Line: Stampede Trail
Finish Line: The Grandstand
Course Time Limit: 1:30pm
Age: 6+

Course Map

*Routes are subject to change and approval by The City of Calgary.

Training Plans

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Pace Bunnies

These experienced runners are here to help you crush your goals! Let them pace while you race.

Guaranteed to get you across the finish line if you stick with your pace bunny, you can relax, enjoy the ride and lean on our pacers when you hit the wall or need a little extra hype to get you through a tough part of the race. These pacers have been hand-selected because of their love of run, their racing experience and their swagger – high five and hugs for PACERS!

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