A little more distance, a lot more fun

By now, you have probably heard about the marathon weekend challenge Run Calgary created in 2019 for those who like to go the extra mile. Run any distance, finish before noon AND THEN run or walk the GoodLife Fitness 5KM at noon. You're going home with extra swag, perks and bragging rights.

What's an extra 5KM ... really?



Event Details

The Roundup Rules

  • Register for THE ROUNDUP in registration - its own category
  • Line up in a special line at package pickup to get your special “Roundup” bib.
  • Be sure to pick up both your race shirts and your special Roundup Swag - a custom Run Calgary Roundup towel.

Race Day

  • You must start the 5K at noon, before the last wave of the 5K goes out.
  • We discourage walking your longer race distance, as in doing so you might not make the cut-off time to start the 5K at noon.
  • Once you start the 5K you have 90 minutes to finish; you have almost completed the roundup!
  • Wear your special “Roundup” bib for both events. Your bib will be chip timed for both distances and you will receive official times for both completed events
  • Enjoy your free massageffrom Massage Heights
  • Enjoy your free beer/beverage at the beer gardens

Please note: If you sign up for each of your distances separately and not as The Roundup 5KM Challenge, you will not receive any of the additional perks or swag but you can still do both events.

Date: Sunday May 29
Time: the 5 km starts at noon
Start Line: Stampede Trail
Finish Line: The Grandstand
Course Time Limit: 1:30 p.m.
Age: 14+

Course Map

Course maps can be found on each Race Distance page:

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21.1KM Course Map ›
42.2KM Course Map ›

Training Plans

Check out training plans and tips in our Runner Resources.

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Pace Team

Experienced runners are here to help you crush your goals! Let them pace while you race.

Guaranteed to get you across the finish line if you stick with your pacer, you can relax, enjoy the ride and lean on our pacers when you hit the wall or need a little extra hype to get you through a tough part of the race. These pacers have been hand-selected because of their love of run, their racing experience and their swagger - high five and hugs for PACERS!

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Photo Gallery

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Race Distances

For Every Experience Level & Ability.