Why the Servus Calgary Marathon Course Stands Out

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The Servus Calgary Marathon is renowned for its beautiful and challenging course, which is why it attracts runners from all over the city, throughout Canada and beyond. The Servus Calgary marathon has six distances that allow participants to find a challenge that fits their ability.

Here are four reasons why the Servus Calgary Marathon is such a great course:

  1. Scenic route: The course takes runners through some of the most scenic parts of the city, including the Bow River, Bridgeland, Kensington, Bowness and the downtown core. The views along the way are breathtaking and provide a great distraction from the physical challenge of the race.
  2. Well-marked and supported: The course is well-marked and supported with plenty of aid stations and medical personnel. This ensures that runners have everything they need to complete the race safely and comfortably. Course Marshalls are also placed throughout the route to ensure no one strays off-course!
  3. Variety of terrain: The course offers a variety of terrain, including primarily flat sections and some rolling hills. This adds an element of surprise and keeps runners on their toes. You can check out our course routes and elevation profile on the interactive map. The low overall elevation gain makes this course particularly appealing to marathon runners looking to secure a Boston Marathon qualifying time!
  4. Crowd support: The Servus Calgary Marathon has a dedicated and enthusiastic crowd of supporters who cheer on the runners throughout the course. This helps runners stay motivated and pushes them to their limits. Our volunteers and entertainers along the course are always appreciated by participants!

The Servus Calgary Marathon has a great course that offers something for runners of all abilities. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner looking for a BQ, or new to running and need extra support, this course is sure to inspire you to achieve your best!

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