Family Inclusivity Amenities Launching at the 2023 Servus Calgary Marathon

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Servus Calgary Marathon is excited to announce the addition of 3 new amenities for race day, with the goal of increasing family inclusivity and reducing barriers to entry.

“The team at Run Calgary is always looking to build our community and we are continually exploring how the Servus Calgary Marathon can reduce barriers to entry while emphasizing the importance of getting the whole family active. We’ve listened to our participants and built what we feel are three small steps to welcome more people on May 28, 2023.” said Jon Bird, Executive Director of Servus Calgary Marathon.

1. On-Site Kids Camp in Partnership with SOGO Adventure Running

Servus Calgary Marathon is teaming up with SOGO Adventure Running to offer an on-site SOGO session the morning of Sunday May 28th for kids between the ages of 4-12, limited to 100 spots! This will give parents/guardians the opportunity to race, who otherwise might not have been able to participate due to limited childcare options. SOGO Adventure Running is a local Calgary program that brings kids together for outdoor fun and adventure.

Participants can register their child for this $20 service by going to our registration page and selecting the sub-event “SOGO Adventure Running.” Registration can be completed for the child as a separate transaction if you’ve already registered for your own race, or as an add-on to your new race registration (before completing your registration, select “add participant”). 

Drop off will take place near the startline/GMC Stadium between 6:30-7:15 am MST on Sunday May 28th. The SOGO coaching team will walk the kids over to Lindsay Park, where the kids will have a fun adventure running experience from 7:30-9:00 am, consisting of navigation, map reading, running and playing games.

SOGO will bring the kids back to the GMC Stadium Courtyard by 9:15 am, just in time to participate in the Kids Marathon at 9:30am if you’ve signed up for that! Your child must be picked up by 9:45am.

Currently this amenity is feasible for parents/guardians participating in race distances 21.1 km or 10 km only. Please note youth registered in the SOGO Adventure Running will be outside for the duration of the activity and should dress accordingly!

2. Infant Feeding Stations

Servus Calgary Marathon will also be coordinating the addition of 4 Infant Feeding Stations. Two stations will be located on-course, and two stations will be located near the Servus Calgary Marathon start and finish areas. These stations will be freely accessible to any participants, volunteers or attendees who require a private space to breastfeed, pump, or bottle-feed.

The on-course stations will service the half marathon, full marathon and 50K Ultra race events, and will be located by the 10.5K aid station, and the 21K/32K aid station.

3. Pregnant and Postpartum Deferral

The third and final family inclusivity amenity will be the option for pregnant or postpartum individuals to defer their registration to the following year. With the understanding that some individuals may need to step back from running and walking, this deferral gives them the ability to continue to strive for a goal.

Participants interested in this can complete a deferral form linked here

Deferral is pending a review from the Run Calgary office. You can expect a response within 5-10 business days. If your deferral request is accepted, your registration will be deactivated and you will receive a promo code that can be used to register for your race at the next Servus Calgary Marathon!

The Servus Calgary Marathon prides itself on being a family-friendly race, and we hope that the addition of these amenities will only further enhance this identity and improve the race experience for families.

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