One For The Road Brewing Co. – Serving Up Hydrating N/A Beer On-Course at Servus Calgary Marathon

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Few in either industry would dispute it…runners and beer just go together. It was to our profound pleasure that a fortuitous introduction landed Run Calgary its very first (local!) non-alcoholic craft beer partner. In case you’re wondering, the One for the Road Brewing Co. partnership is going splendidly! The fridge at Run Calgary HQ is packed with Award Winning Got Hops IPA and Saskaberry Blonde Ale and the teetotaling founder, Graham Matheos, is an absolute legend to work with – just wait until you experience what we brewed up for y’all on race day! But first … SCIENCE! 

You have likely heard the buzz about how it’s the fastest growing section of the beer industry and it’s impossible not to notice the plethora of choices on menus, in grocery stores and next to your favourite alcoholic beers in the liquor store. Choices are growing, stigma disappearing and athletes from elite to recreational are turning to beer like One for The Road to help in fitness goals. Even Olympians are using non-alcoholic beers as a way to celebrate – and even train! 

We won’t go as far as labeling OFTR as sober sports beers but we would like to point out that beyond fewer calories and not having to deal with the effects of alcohol during or after use, there are actual hydrating benefits to Graham’s beer – YES, REALLY!

Here is the complete study from the National Library for Medicine but to sum it up for those of us on the run: It’s a good mix of carbs and electrolytes and the polyphenols in beer help with inflammation (which is common amongst runners when running!) and recovery time. 

Introducing the One For The Road Brewing Co. On-Course Hydration Station!

Slow down for a hydrating thimble of near beer at the 18 km mark for the half-marathon or the 39 km marl for the marathon and 60 km if you are up for it! And if it is not for you – you have been warned… One for the Road is going literal and joining you along the road for your stretch to the finish line.

Victory Lap Beer in the Post-Race Finish Festival

Awaiting you in the post-race Finish Festival, there will be complimentary can with your name on it! OFTR will be hard to miss, so eyes up runners!

On-course and at the Finish Festival, non-alcoholic beer awaits! 

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